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Ep. 1「4つの呼吸法」【VLTTW翻訳】

今回はジャスティン・ストーニーによる「ヴォイス・レッスンズ・トゥー・ザ・ワールド」の翻訳シリーズ、エピソード1「4つの呼吸法」です!どうぞお楽しみください ;)


Ep. 1 "4 Breathing Types"- Voice Lessons To The World
エピソード1 「4つの呼吸法」






Hi everybody! My name is Justin Stoney and I'm the founder of New York Vocal
Coaching here in New York City.


Welcome to the very first episode of Voice Lessons to the World. This is a show where we want to help you as singers to answer your questions and help you have the most information possible about vocal technique and how you can improve.


Whether you're a beginner or professional singer, whether you're preparing for auditions or for a performance, we want you to have the best information.



I'll give you a chance later to send us some questions, but we want to help you to improve your vocal technique and accomplish your goals as singers.




So, our very first episode is called "Four Breathing Types". Today I'm going to talk to you about four breathing types that you see in life and you also see in singers.



1. 胸式呼吸

So, the very first one is a high breath or a clavicular breath. So go ahead and take a deep breath for me, and exhale.


Now with a high breath, you're going to see the clavicle and the upper body lift - on the inhale and then exhale - it comes down. Try that one more time, inhale - and exhale.


Now you see this breath a lot in life and sometimes in singers, but it's actually not a breath that I would recommend. Because its going to really expel the air fast and hard.


What comes up (inhales) must come down (exhales) and you don't have a lot of control and then the larynx has to deal with all that excessive airflow.



2. 腹式呼吸

So, there's another breath: the abdominal or belly breath that you can use. Try this, hand on belly - inhale - you feel an expansion - exhale - it comes in.


Try it again. Inhale - expand and exhale - it comes in. And one more time (don't lift the chest) - inhale - and exhale - it comes in.


Now this is a breath that I recommend because the depth of that breath is going to allow the diaphragm to contract more. And it's also going to give you greater control over your exhale.



3. 肋間呼吸

Another breath that I recommend is the rib or intercostal breath. So put your hands on your rib cage right here and try and inhale - you'll feel an expansion - exhale - it comes in.


Try that again inhale expand - exhale it comes in - and we'll do it one more time. Try not to lift the chest. And inhale - exhale it comes in.


So this is another breath that gives you a lot of control from the lower body for your singing.


What I actually recommend though is a combination of both your rib breath and your low breath.


So go ahead, one hand on your ribs one hand on belly - let's see if you can open both of these. 


Inhale expand them - and then on your exhale just your lower abs will come in. Make sure that your upper abs don't squeeze when you sing. Inhale - and exhale just your lower abs come in.


That's going to give you the optimal situation for breath support and the best efficiency for yourself as a singer.


There are singers for sure that breath up here and really good ones too, but the most efficient breath is going to be a lower breath that comes from the low abs especially.

胸式呼吸でもうまく歌える歌手はいるでしょうが、もっとも効率の良い呼吸法はロー・ブレス* で、特に腹筋の下の部分から来るものがよいでしょう。




4. バックブレス

I'm going to throw one more thing in there for ya. This is a back breath. Go ahead and put your hands on your low back and inhale. You'll feel an expansion back there - and exhale - you might feel a contraction.


This one's smaller but you're gonna feel it. Inhale back - and exhale. This is another good way of bringing the air in a deeper sensation in the body, okay.


So those are four breathing systems that you see. I recommend the lower breaths.




And I hope that this is helpful for you guys as singers. So if you have questions for us please send an email to questions@voicelessonstotheworld.com.

今回の内容がシンガーのみなさんに役立てば幸いです。質問がある場合はぜひquestions@voicelessonstotheworld.com にメールしてくださいね。

We just encourage you to keep practicing every day, never lose joy, never lose the passion and most importantly don't ever let anybody tell you that you can't sing, because that's just not true.


Keep practicing, keep working at it, get with a great voice teacher in your area.
If you're ever in New York City you can come on by, and stop by and see us for a lesson.


Our website is www.NewYorkVocalCoaching.com. If you liked these videos you can also check out VoiceLessonstotheWorld.com.

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I’m Justin Stoney. See you next time.










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