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Ep. 5「リップトリルの目的とは?」【VLTTW翻訳】

今回はジャスティン・ストーニーによる「ヴォイス・レッスンズ・トゥー・ザ・ワールド」の翻訳シリーズ、エピソード5 「リップトリルの目的とは?」です。どうぞお楽しみください ;)
Ep. 5 "What's The Point Of Lip Trills?"- Voice Lessons To The World 
エピソード5 「リップトリルの目的とは?」
Hi everybody. My name is Justin Stoney. I'm the founder of New York Vocal Coaching here in New York City.
Welcome to Episode 5 of voice lessons to the world, the show we want to help you guys as singers and answer your questions from all over the world.
ようこそ、Voice Lessons to the Worldのエピソード5へ!このショーでは世界中からの歌に関する質問に答えていくことで、シンガーのみなさんを応援していきたいと思っています。
And I'll give you a chance to ask questions later. But for right now we have actually our first international question ever. We're very excited about this. This one comes from Danielle S. in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


And Danielle says, "Dear Justin, I'm a beginning singer and everybody tells me I need to practice lip trills. What's the point of these? Do they actually work?"
I like that question a lot Danielle. Thanks so much for that. And that's right. Lip trills are a very stereotypical exercise that singers do. Everybody knows them, everybody does them.
A lot of people are doing them but they're not even sure why they're doing them, but they're just doing them because they want to become a better singer.
And today we're going to talk about what they are, why they're helpful, and are they actually effective.

1. リップトリルとは?

Now what they are - first of all let's try this together. So just gotta put your lips together and try to make this sound for me. Just do: (buzzes/trills lips) Try that out. (pause) That's it.
And not everybody's gonna be able to do this. But a lot if you will. Just practice it if you have trouble. Put your lips together and - (trill). Great.
Now we're going to try a low sound with it. So just do a: (trill) One more of those. (trill) Great. Now take it up high. (trill) And one more. (trill) That's great. So now you felt the low ones, the high ones.

2. リップトリルの目的とは?

But this lip trill - the point of it, is that you're going to hold the air in the body.
Singers think that they need lots of air and when we think about singing we think, "oh well singers they gotta really use their air flow." But actually really good singing is more about holding the air in the body than it is about letting it out fast and hard.
So a lip trill is a perfect exercise, actually. And as stereotypical and cheesy as it might be, it's actually really really helpful.
So, if I try to go for a high note, chances are I might try to blast my air too much. But if I'm doing a lip trill (trills) - then my air stays constant.
So what's great is with a lip trill exercise - and I’m gonna let you guys do this in a minute - we can go from low to high and back with pretty much the same air.
リップトリルの何がすごいのかというと - このあとすぐにやってもらいますが - 低域から高域まで、ほとんど同じ息の量で行くことができるということです。
And that's extremely hard to do as a singer, but not hard to do with the lip trills. So if you're practicing your lip trills, you're learning to do your entire range, without changing your air flow. And again, that's one of the hardest skills for singers. 


So - now I'm going to give you a chance to try it. We're just gonna do an arpeggio pattern, which goes like this: (trill) Guys will be down there, girls will be up here. (trill)
Now Let's try it together. I'm gonna take you low, all the way high, all the way down. you're gonna breathe low in the belly as you know to do.
And you're gonna see that you don't really need to change your air as we go all the way up and down the keyboard. So here we go together, starting right here. [Exercise]
Great job! So - now for some of you the highest ones might have been a little bit too high, but a lot of you could probably go all the way up and down.

3. 効果はあるの?

But that's the point, Danielle, and for everybody is that you don't want to blast your air as a singer. And if you have good exercises, you're not going to do that. You're going to learn to coordinate the notes changing without the breath changing.
So, lip trills, as common as they are, as maybe stereotypical and silly as they are, are fantastic and I really recommend practicing them.
And if you like this video, you can just practice right along here with me as many times as you like.


So we hope that's been helpful for you today as singers. If you have questions that you wanna see as us answer on the show you can send an email to: Questions@VoiceLessonsToTheWorld.com.
今回の内容がシンガーのみなさんの役に立てば幸いです。もしこのショーで答えてほしい質問がある場合は、 Questions@VoiceLessonsToTheWorld.com にメールしてくださいね。
We encourage you to work really hard at your voice. Never lose the joy and the passion. And don't let anybody tell you that you can't sing, because we all know that that's not true.
If you're ever in New York check us out at: www.NewYorkVocalCoaching.com .
Find a great voice teacher in your area. 
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I'm Justin Stoney. See you next time.









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