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Ep. 66「ヴォイスネット1 - Lを収監せよ!」【VLTTW翻訳】

今回はジャスティン・ストーニーによる「ヴォイス・レッスンズ・トゥー・ザ・ワールド」の翻訳シリーズ、エピソード66「ヴォイスネット1 - Lを収監せよ!」です。どうぞお楽しみください ;)


Ep. 66 "Voicenet 1 - L In A Cell" - Voice Lessons To The World

エピソード66「ヴォイスネット1 - Lを収監せよ!







Hi everybody! My name is Justin Stoney and I'm the founder of New York Vocal Coaching here in New York City. Welcome to episode 66 of Voice Lessons To The World.


Our question for this week comes from Charlotte H. in Honolulu, Hawaii. And Charlotte writes, "Dear Justin, the L and the R are particularly difficult to sing, especially in a song. Why are they so evil?"
Well, Charlotte, I'm very sorry to hear of your distress. But all we know are the facts, ma'am.


[Investigator Music]
*訳注:おそらくアメリカの刑事もののテレビドラマシリーズ "Dragnet" のパロディーと思われます(笑)
Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
This is the city. I'm Sergeant Joe Stoney of the NYVCPD. I solve vocal crimes.
The accused L. Last seen with his accomplice R. These are our most wanted vocal criminals. Real rotten apples, real bad eggs. Rumor has it they're even in cahoots with the soft palate.
The L accused of conspiracy. Conspiring with the jaw for excessive tension in the neighborhood of the mylohyoid.
共謀により告発されているL… やつはあごと共謀し、顎舌骨付近の過剰な緊張を生み出している。
Disturbing the peace of innocent singers just trying to sing a song that contains L's.
Grand larceny of nasal resonance, robbing singers of mask and head resonance from already difficult musical phrases.
Disorderly conduct violating the god-given rights and freedom of the larynx by constantly holding him back with physical force.
Resisting a rest, a resting position that's relaxed and tall like the NG and not fleeing into the dark shadows of the laryngopharynx.
These are the facts, ma'am. And I for one would like to see the L in a Cell. But we're gonna need a darn good vocal tip.

1. 二つのL

Uh... okay, so I know what you guys are gonna say... Justin... do you remember what it was like before you went crazy? And no, no I don't.
(シーンから戻って)えーっと… みなさんの言いたいことはわかりますよ。「ジャスティンさん… おかしくなる前はどんな感じだったか覚えていますか?」うーん、覚えていないなあ…
But that's not the point, the point is we've got to open a criminal investigation against L because it's causing too much grief for singers all over the world. So, let's talk about it.


There's two kinds of L's really. There's the front L as in the word "unlawful." Right? That's a front L, "unlawful."
Lの種類は二つあります。単語 "unlawful" に見られる、前のLです。そうです。これは前のLですね。 "unlawful"


But then there's another kind of L, the back L, which is as in the word "evil, evil." Right? That's a back L.
そしてもう一種類のLは、単語 "evil" に見られる、後ろのLです。 "Evil" これが後ろのLです。
So the front L, "unlawful." And the back L, "evil."
前のLは "unlawful" 後ろのLは "evil" ですね。

2. Lの犯罪

Now let's talk about the crimes that L has committed against singers.


That front L, first. Now this L here, first of all, can often cause a lot of jaw tension. We talked about the marriage of jaw and tongue. That "Luh, luh" sound tends to lock the jaw when really we can just do "unlawful." "Luh, luh." I don't need to do "Luh." But the L causes a jaw tension.
まずは前のLから。このLは第一に、あごの緊張をもたらすことがよくあります。あごと舌の結婚については以前に話しましたね。この「ラー、ラー」という音はあごを固めてしまう傾向がありますが、本当は「(あごを固めずに)"unlawful" 」とできるのです。「(あごを固めずに)ラー、ラー」。「(あごを固めて)ラー」とする必要はないのですが、このLがあごの緊張をもたらしてしまいます。
Now the next thing is, L, the front L causes a lack of nasal resonance often, right? "Lll, Lll."
First we want to find it with an N sound. "Nnn, nnn." And then make that N into an L. "Nnn, nll, nnn, nll."  And then we have that nice "unlawful." And I have that buzz in my sound, that nasal resonance.
まずは理解するためにNの音を出しましょう。「ンー、ンー」* このNをLに入れてきます。「ンー、ンゥゥ、ンー、ンゥゥ」そうするといい感じに "unlawful" と言えますね。鼻が震える感じの、鼻腔共鳴が得られます。
So it's the jaw and the nasal resonance. That's the front L.


What about the back L? That "evil, lll" that's even worse. That's got a lot of tongue retraction and we know all about tongue retraction.
後ろのLはどうでしょうか?この "evil"「 ウゥゥ」 はさらに嫌なやつですね。以前にもお話しした、舌の強い引っ込みをもたらしてしまいます。
That's going to cause the larynx to have a backwards pressure on it, right? So that it can't be free. So "evil" causes that backwards tongue.
喉頭(のど)が後ろに引き下がってしまい、自由ではなくなってしまうのです。このように "evil" が舌を引っ込ませてしまいます。
It also will prevent nasal resonance as well because we're not getting some of that high free tongue that we want and the soft palate slightly down so we get that nasal resonance.
So that fix would be as in the pronunciation "eviiiil." See my tongue? "Viiiil." I don't have to go "evillll, lll" "Eviiiil."
That sounds a little strange to speak, but we're really gonna see how that applies more directly in a song.


So the song I'm gonna work on today is the classic jazz song "I'll Be Seeing You".
And you're gonna see in this song "I'll Be Seeing You" that there's all kinds of L's - front L's and especially back L's - the L sound that could make this song quite difficult.
So this is the classic jazz song "I'll Be Seeing You."
And you hear all of those L sounds all the way through. And so if I exaggerate the problem, we get something like this...
And you get the idea. So that L gives me a lot of tongue retraction, especially those back L's. "In that small" "That small cafe" I don't have to do "small." I can do "Small cafe." And I keep my tongue up and the sound up in the nasal resonance if I don't do that L.
So now that's the back L. But there's a few front L's in the song too. "I'll be seeing you, in all the old familiar places" "Familiar." I could do "lll" or "nll" and get that buzzy L. "Familiar places." "Nll." And I get "nll" instead of "lll." "Familiar places." And then it's in the right spot.
So you guys can really see the application of those L sounds to a song. But next we're going to put L in a cell [sound of cell door closing] by creating a vocal exercise.


It's going to be N-L-E-H-N, "nlehn." Now I know that's a little bit of a tongue twister. "Nlehn." But we're gonna need it if the vocal justice system is gonna have its way with L and bring it out of the darkness and into the light, exposed.
So, "nlehn." We're gonna have guys down here. "NLEHN-NLEHN-NLEHN..." And ladies up here. "NLEHN-NLEHN-NLEHN..." And here we go together! [Exercise]
Awesome, awesome job. So thank you for helping put L in its cell.
And Charlotte, I'm so sorry to hear of all the distress a few bad eggs have caused you with your singing. But I'm glad that we could put L in a Cell. And so, let's take a look...
そしてシャーロットさん… ゲス野郎どもが歌にもたらした苦痛に、改めてお見舞い申し上げます。Lを収監できてなによりです。やつの様子を見てみましょうか…


[Investigator music]
L, we've gotcha right where we want ya. What do you have to say for yourself?
Mmhmm. Anything else you'd like to add, L?
"Llll Llll L Lllll."
Mhm. Sad. Any last words, L?
"La la la la la la la..."
Book him, boys!
"Lll lllll llllll L lllll."









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